Our Resources page includes a regularly updated selection of reports and publications related to destitution. Please click on the links to find out more. Please note that we have a separate resources page for hosting resources.

NACCOM Reports and Resources

Reports by or featuring the work of NACCOM members

Publications by other agencies

Resources on Ukraine

Covid-19 Resources

We’ve pooled some resources based on feedback from our members, which should help projects and charities resume their service provision post-Covid.

➡️ NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations)

  • A complete library of links covering topics like; risk management, planning for returning to work safely, supporting staff and beneficiaries, safeguarding, cleaning and PPE, taking an inclusive approach, developing a contingency plan and more.


➡️ HSE (Heath and Safety Executive)

  • All the latest links and advice on working safely and restarting work including; Risk Assessment, cleaning, hygiene and PPE, managing work-related stress etc. Includes links to specific advice given in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.


➡️ Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

  • Has produced a range of guidance documents and videos on returning safely to work including; safe workplaces, safe people, safe systems, risk assessments, legal obligations, etc.


➡️ Government Website

  • A comprehensive set of guidance to help run a charity during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Members can also view related post-Coronavirus template documents in the Members’ Library. If you are not a member but wish to access the template documents, please get in touch with Paul Catterall

Guidance for those providing accommodation

➡️ Night shelters – Government guidance on the provision of night shelters (published October 2020); The Government has published guidance on the provision of night shelter accommodation during the Covid-19 crisis. You can access the guidance here. NACCOM has also summarised the key points here.

➡️ Hosting projects; NACCOM has collated the following guidance for members who provide hosting projects, on how to continue with service provision during the Covid-19 pandemic. >>>View it here<<<

➡️ Housing projects; NACCOM has collated the following guidance for members who provide shared housing projects, on how to continue with service provision during the Covid-19 pandemic. >>>View it here<<<

➡️ Advice note for those living in shared houses; NACCOM has also produced a separate advice note specifically for individuals being housed by NACCOM projects that are needing to self-isolate.

>>> Written advice note in English<<<

In addition, we have also produced the advice as a written file in Sorani, and as an audio file, and in some cases a video file, in; English, Sorani, French, Farsi, Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, Albanian, Vietnamese, Swahili, Urdu. These audio files are designed to be sent to guests via WhatsApp. To request these files, please email Paul Catterall.

➡️ NACCOM guidance on prepayment cards for destitution payments – Many NACCOM members are having to consider alternatives to cash payments to support people who are destitute. To help your organisation with this, NACCOM has arranged a bulk buy deal with prepayment provider Equals. This deal is an option you may want to consider; if you decide to go ahead the contract with Equals, this will be between your organisation and the prepayment card provider. We have arranged for funding so there will be no cost to members for signing up for the first 1000 cards.

>>> Please review the following information about the offer<<<

If you would like any further information on the prepayment card offer, please email Katie Fawcett.