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Hope into Action: Black Country and Wolverhampton Council have launched a pilot project to get migrants – who have the right to work – off the streets and into employment and accommodation. Matthieu Lambert, the organisation’s Black Country Chief Executive, told us more… ‘Many Eastern Europeans come […]

Since 2006, NACCOM members have been instrumental in developing a broad range of innovative housing solutions that have radically changed the mood, wellbeing and overall sense of place felt by those left in limbo by our unfair asylum system. Some of these solutions (which someone recently described […]

Mirjam Thullesen is a trained psychologist and practising psychotherapist who has worked with refugees and survivors of trafficking and torture for a number of years, in roles at the Poppy Project, British Refugee Council and Freedom from Torture. She is currently working towards a Doctorate in Psychology and Psychotherapy looking […]

As of 3rd September 2018, NACCOM is based at the North East office of Depaul UK in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. We have been very grateful for the support and space that Action Foundation have offered for the last two years in Newcastle city centre. Since […]

NACCOM is the UK-wide
No Accommodation Network

We represent a network of organisations seeking to prevent destitution amongst migrants with no recourse to public funds.

Member organisations provide accommodation and support to asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable migrants, and we provide resources and support for our members.

We also promote understanding about destitution through awareness-raising activities and seek to extend the network to ensure no-one is left destitute and homeless in the UK.

If you have any direct enquiries, please visit our Contact page, and follow us on Twitter for latest updates.

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