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Comment | What any incoming government needs to do to end destitution in the asylum and immigration system

A general election has been called for July 4th, and the issue of immigration, refugee protection and asylum system reform will be key to any incoming government. Bridget Young, NACCOM's Director, lays out what policy-makers need to prioritise in order to end destitution and homelessness in the asylum and immigration system. "The next government must make an urgent commitment to repeal the Illegal Migration Act and the Safety of Rwanda Act, which are causing significant fear and hardship in refugee communities, driving people to disengage with essential support services and making them more vulnerable to homelessness and destitution. Whilst [...]

23 May 2024|

Blog | Update on our data project

In February 2021 we launched our Data Project, a three-phase project funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation with the aim of helping NACCOM members to improve their data capture systems, increase their data confidence and capability, and develop new influencing opportunities.  We know that the data collected by frontline services working to end migrant destitution and homelessness can be a valuable tool for tracking the impact of policies and influencing decision-makers to make positive change at both a regional and national level.   Since the start of the data project, we have seen the benefits that collecting reliable, robust data can [...]

21 May 2024|

News and resources | Frontline response to Rwanda detention operation

NACCOM is shocked and concerned by the news that the Home Office plans to launch a major operation to detain people in the asylum system from this week, in preparation for removal to Rwanda. With the passing of the Safety of Rwanda Act earlier this month, an upscale in detention was expected, however the move by the Government to detain people at pace over the coming week has come as a shock to many, including frontline organisations who support those in the asylum system. Bridget Young, NACCOM's Director, said; "The Home Office is yet again causing immense distress and [...]

29 April 2024|

Blog and Joint Briefing | Impacts of the Illegal Migration Act on Local Authorities, with Asylum Matters

In July 2023, the controversial and deeply inhumane Illegal Migration Act (IMA) became law, marking the biggest overhaul of the UK asylum system in decades.   The Act will not only have a profound impact on people seeking safety in the UK, but also communities and frontline service providers, including Local Authorities, with an anticipated increase in homelessness and destitution as a direct result of the provisions laid out by the Act, as well as specific risks and impacts for vulnerable groups.   In light of the complex and evolving landscape of asylum policies related to the Act, and their likely [...]

22 April 2024|

What We Do

NACCOM is a network of over 130 organisations and individuals that provides safe, temporary accommodation and support to people experiencing destitution in the UK asylum and immigration system.

People accommodated across the network during 2022-2023
Nights of accommodation provided by our members during the past year (estimate)
People were rough sleeping or in informal/insecure accommodation before being accommodated by the network
People received financial support from members during the past year
Staff and volunteers delivering support across the network during the past year (minimum)
people were turned away because of a lack of accommodation

of people who were referred to or made enquiries to member organisations this year (600/735 people) were facing street homelessness

nights of accommodation provided across the year (estimated)
people were provided with financial support (but not accommodated)

NACCOM is the UK-wide
No Accommodation Network

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