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NACCOM partners with the Guardian & Observer for their 2023 charity appeal

We’re delighted to be partnering with The Guardian and Observer on their 2023 charity appeal, which this year shines a spotlight on the hardship and injustice experienced by refugees, people seeking asylum and other migrants in the UK.   Alongside NACCOM, our members the Refugee Council (also representing the Scottish Refugee Council and Welsh Refugee Council) and Refugees at Home are joint recipients of the appeal, with the charities sharing the funds raised to aid our collective work supporting people in the asylum and immigration system.   NACCOM will be redistributing the majority of the money we receive to members working [...]

8 December 2023|

Tracking the scale and impact of destitution | Launching our Annual Survey data 2023

NACCOM’s latest Annual Survey data reveals thousands of people in the asylum and immigration system experienced destitution and homelessness last year. Latest figures from NACCOM show that 3,724 people were accommodated by the network last year (2022-2023). The data reveals a sharp rise in the number of people in the asylum and immigration system needing some form of support from charities to meet their basic needs.  There was also a big increase in the number of people with refugee status being accommodated by the network.  Despite ongoing challenges, including the cost of living crisis, frontline [...]

9 November 2023|

Statement and joint letter | NACCOM condemns plans to ban tents for rough sleepers

The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has announced plans to ban people sleeping rough in urban areas from using tents, and to impose a new civil offence to deter charities from giving tents to homeless people, in a move that will put lives at risk this winter, making people more vulnerable to cold weather, violence and exploitation. In a series of posts on X, she also said that homelessness in the UK was a ‘lifestyle choice’, and that many of those enduring homelessness are ‘from abroad.’  NACCOM has joined with leading homelessness charities in writing to the Home Secretary to [...]

8 November 2023|

New resource | Working with Housing Associations: A toolkit

Introducing 'Working with Housing Associations: A toolkit' NACCOM is pleased to launch our newest toolkit, a comprehensive resource - 'Working with Housing Associations: A toolkit', which showcases the role that Housing Associations can play in supporting the accommodation of people seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including those with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and restricted eligibility. The toolkit is the latest in a series of practical guides launched by NACCOM to provide expert guidance and advice to individuals and organisations that work with – or wish [...]

17 October 2023|

What We Do

NACCOM is a network of over 130 organisations and individuals that provides safe, temporary accommodation and support to people experiencing destitution in the UK asylum and immigration system.

People accommodated across the network during 2022-2023
Nights of accommodation provided by our members during the past year (estimate)
People were rough sleeping or in informal/insecure accommodation before being accommodated by the network
People received financial support from members during the past year
Staff and volunteers delivering support across the network during the past year (minimum)
people were turned away because of a lack of accommodation

of people who were referred to or made enquiries to member organisations this year (600/735 people) were facing street homelessness

nights of accommodation provided across the year (estimated)
people were provided with financial support (but not accommodated)

NACCOM is the UK-wide
No Accommodation Network

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