At NACCOM we are committed to working with others from across the refugee sector and beyond to achieve our collective aim of ending destitution. Below are some of the partnerships we’re currently involved with:

➡️ We are a member of the Together with Refugees coalition, which brings together organisations across the refugee and migration sector to campaign and advocate for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to supporting refugees in the UK. More information here.

➡️ We are a signatory to Lift the Ban, a coalition of 170+ organisations, including businesses, trade unions and charities, calling for the right to work for people seeking asylum.

➡️ We are part of the Hands up for our Health, a coalition of organisations fighting for everyone in the UK to have the chance to access healthcare, during COVID-19 and beyond, regardless of their immigration status. More information here.

➡️ We are signatories of Homeless Link’s Support don’t Deport pledge, which urges local authorities and homelessness charities to not make referrals under new Home Office immigration rules introduced in December 2020 which make rough sleeping grounds for refusing or cancelling someone’s leave to remain.

➡️ We are a partner of Asylum Matters (formerly Still Human Still Here), a charity working locally and nationally to improve the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum through social and political change.

➡️ We are connected to IMiX, a communications hub for migrant and refugee groups, who also work to ensure that voices of lived experience are heard in the media.

➡️ We work with City of Sanctuary, both at a national and local level, as several of our members are also CoS groups. City of Sanctuary is a network that encourages practical ways for citizens to demonstrate solidarity with, and support for, refugees in their own communities. We also attend Sanctuary in Parliament, an annual event organised by City of Sanctuary, where MPs and members of the public can hear from those who have sought sanctuary in the UK.