Renae Mann Headshot July 2020

“This week’s events in America should stand as a reminder to all those who hold political office that their words have the power” – NACCOM’s National Director reflects on an unprecedented week in US politics

On January 6th 2021, far-right extremists violently entered the US Capitol building – the seat of American democracy – to disrupt the Electoral Vote Count that would certify Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Renae Mann, NACCOM’s National Director, reflects on this unprecedented […]

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Guest blog: The impact of Brexit and related changes to immigration legislation on EU nationals in the UK at risk of homelessness

The impact of Brexit on immigration policy is far-reaching, and includes changes to immigration legislation that will have immediate consequences for EU nationals in the UK who are at risk of homelessness, and their access to homelessness services and other state support. In this guest blog, Anna […]

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We are closed over the festive period!

  NACCOM will be closed from 3pm on Thursday 24th December 2020 ~ Refugees and people seeking asylum can call Refugee Council’s Infoline to be signposted to services that meet their needs. Those assisting refugees and people seeking asylum can also call the line:  08081967272 ~ NACCOM […]

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‘Destitution in the UK’ – new research by Joseph Roundtree Foundation shows alarming rise in destitution levels, with migrants disproportionately affected

The Joseph Roundtree Foundation (JRF) has released its third ‘Destitution in the UK’ report, which reveals an alarming rise in levels of destitution experienced by people living in the UK. The 2020 report, based on research conducted in 2019, highlights that even before the COVID-19 outbreak destitution […]

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NACCOM joins with leading homelessness charities to condemn the changes to immigration rules that could see migrant rough sleepers deported

New immigration rules targeting people sleeping rough will endanger lives, undermine progress in reducing homelessness and must be reconsidered. That is the message being sent today (November 5th) the UK Government by Crisis, Shelter, St Mungo’s, NACCOM, Homeless Link, Liberty and many more organisations supporting people experiencing […]

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#StopAsylumEvictions; No evictions into homelessness – our response to the Home Office decision on asylum evictions and call to action 

As of the 15th September, the Home Office has resumed evictions from asylum accommodation for people with a negative decision in England, with plans to resume in Scotland and Wales in the future. We are extremely concerned about this decision, recognising its immediate and lasting impact on people currently in asylum accommodation who will face street […]

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‘Locked into Poverty’ – new research on asylum support rates and poverty in the UK asylum system

The charity Asylum Matters has published a report – ‘Locked into Poverty – life on asylum support’ – which reveals a picture of poverty, exclusion and hardship for people seeking asylum wholly reliant on Government support payments. In July and August 2020, Asylum Matters worked with people in […]

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NACCOM supports the #HandsUp4OurHealth campaign – campaigning for access to healthcare for everyone

NACCOM has joined a campaign coordinated by Doctors of the World, Lancett Migration and the Faculty of Public Health calling for universal and equitable access to NHS services, during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. The #HandsUp4OurHealth coalition aims raise awareness of the issues facing marginalised and at-risk […]

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Open letter to the Prime Minister – Reverse the decision to evict people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) into homelessness

Today (October 1st 2020), NACCOM joins 228 organisations and 597 individuals who are joining together as a collective voice to tell the Prime Minister to reverse the decision to evict people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) into homelessness. Last month we learnt that the Home […]

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Jobs across the network this month Facebook

Jobs across the network in August

Welcome to our round-up of jobs across the network this month, including roles at Nottingham Arimathea Trust, Housing Justice in London, and Upbeat Communities in Derby. Please let us know if you have a job to advertise and we can share it across the network. Get in […]

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Prime Minister must act to protect those experiencing homelessness with insecure migration status during pandemic – read our joint letter

NACCOM, along with over 60 other organisations, has jointly written to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to urge the Government to put in place measures to protect those experiencing homelessness and destitution because of their insecure migration status during the pandemic. The letter calls for urgent measures […]

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