“NACCOM is the (often invisible) backing that enables us to continue to feel confident in what we are doing. Getting to know other agencies and how they work is essential for us to develop and grow effectively. We’ve really learnt so much from other NACCOM member organisations and this has helped us to be confident and competent! Without the backing of NACCOM it is true to say we would not still be here. We would not have believed we could do it without the strength of the whole of NACCOM cheering us on!’ “Rachael, Bristol Hospitality Network

“We have a better voice as an affiliate of NACCOM. We share resources and information. Being a member of NACCOM has assisted us in addressing destitution in the asylum system and highlighted a national issue which is not being considered seriously. It has also been left to voluntary organisations who are strong when they are part of a big movement like NACCOM.” Reyhan, CAST Southend

NACCOM is always encouraging and it’s good to know that even a small effort is part of effective efforts to bring change to people whose lives are among the most desperate; to hear of good news around the UK keeps hope alive and keeps things in perspective; to know others struggle with the same difficult issues; to know NACCOM is always willing to help deal with problems and someone will probably know what you need to know. … and … as a member, having to evaluate the years work. Thanks NACCOM! Ruth, HOME4U, Cardiff

We value our connections with other members to find places for people to stay in areas where we don’t yet have an established network, and to provide support to our hosts and guests across the country. Many other NACCOM members do something a little different to us- offering casework or deep expertise in articular areas, such as trafficking- and we work with them to draw on that expertise. It means a better outcome for our guests, a better experience for our hosts who are then more likely to host again and persuade their friends to host. Where this works well- Manchester and Cardiff spring to mind- we have been able to build extended networks of people across organisations who work together to get more people off the street. Plus of course there is a credibility that comes with being in an association of professionals and special interest groups with a common goal, that we can’t underestimate. Rachel, Refugees at Home

Being a NACCOM member is really beneficial to us as we know we are not alone in this challenging and often capacity limited sector. We have found it really helpful to call other NACCOM organisations for help and get all the help and assistance we need. In situations where the referral is in a location where there is a NACCOM member we have often spoken to them on whether they accommodate or further assist a client who might be moving away from Nottingham. Shingai, Host Nottingham

Being a NACCOM member comes with a great wealth of benefits – the opportunity to build connections across other organisations doing similar work and learning from one another. I really appreciate the ability to pick up the phone and ask questions – whether it be about advocacy asks, or whether another member organisation has come across a particular situation before and how they have handled it. Megan, Jesuit Refugee Service, London

Access to knowledge, learning, workshops, support networks and resources. The fact that all of this is tailored to NRPFs and we can learn from experience of others and not make the same mistakes. We were not providing accommodation to failed asylum seekers prior to coming to a NACCOM event and finding out more about how we might be able to make it work. Matthieu, Hope into Action Black Country, Wolverhampton

We value being part of a network of like-minded organisations, working together to share information, resources, ideas and experience to bring about an end to destitution among asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Being part of NACCOM brings with it a host of benefits including networking, training and peer learning, which has helped us shape our provision and develop high-quality services to those we are working with. Andrew, Upbeat Derby

We are kept informed of developments, we can share information and pick up on new ideas. Ewan, Asylum Link Merseyside

Sharing practice, learning from others, able to ask questions and get answers from more experienced members, support and encouragement, training and networking opportunities. Cath McGee, Refugee Survival Trust