Regional Meetings

Blog post | Insights from our winter Regional Member Hubs Part 1 – Challenges across the network

2023-04-06T16:02:01+01:006 April 2023|Blog, News, Regional Meetings|

What are Regional Hub Meetings and why are they important? At the heart of the NACCOM network is the relationship we foster with our members. One of the ways we nurture and develop this [...]

Upcoming NACCOM conferences on Funding Your Project- 29th April (Leeds) and 14th May (London)

2019-03-20T17:05:26+00:0021 March 2019|Conferences, News, Regional Meetings|

To assist with the development of skills and ideas for funding accommodation and support services for those facing destitution, and to launch our upcoming Funding Toolkit, NACCOM is hosting two ‘Funding Your Project’ events on [...]

Join us for our one-day event focusing on refugee accommodation and support on May 24th

2018-03-28T15:28:11+01:0028 March 2018|Conferences, News, Regional Meetings|

On May 24th, NACCOM is hosting its first ever one-day event focusing on accommodation and support for newly recognised refugees. The event, which takes place at St George’s Conference Centre in Leeds, will explore accommodation [...]

Funding Your Project – one-day conference on April 6th

2017-03-23T16:13:52+00:001 March 2017|Conferences, News, Regional Meetings, Resources|

On April 6th, we will be running a 'Funding Your Project' conference. Taking place at the St George's Conference Centre in Leeds, this one-day event is designed for organisations working with destitute migrants who want to [...]

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