What are Regional Hub Meetings and why are they important?

At the heart of the NACCOM network is the relationship we foster with our members. One of the ways we nurture and develop this is by bringing members together from each of our six hub regions to network, share good practice, and discuss current issues and concerns emerging from their frontline work. 

These bi-annual regional hubs form an important part of our membership network, providing a safe space for members old and new to connect and come together in solidarity. The hubs are also a valuable opportunity for the NACCOM team to understand emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector relating to frontline accommodation and support provision, which help to shape our work both in the short- and long-term.   

Our recent hub meetings were held in cities across the UK (Newport, Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester, London and Glasgow) between January and March of this year, and were attended by 99 members in total from across the network, invited external partners, as well as members of the NACCOM team.  

These were the first in-person hubs since the Covid-19 pandemic and it was great to come together with members in solidarity, particularly at a time when both members and the people they support are feeling the impact of increasingly hostile policies and narratives coming from the Government regarding refugees. 

Whilst the challenges for frontline organisations working with people experiencing destitution in the asylum and immigration system can often seem overwhelming, what came across strongly from the hubs is the power, creativity, solidarity and resilience of members who are committed to working together to end destitution, and we are extremely grateful to all the charities in our network for their work.  

Whilst there are always unique trends, challenges and opportunities specific to each region of the UK, there was huge commonality this winter across the hubs as to members’ frontline experiences.  In the first of two blogs, we explore the main challenges facing frontline organisations across the network.

Whilst many of the challenges above were experienced widely by members across the network, some challenges were unique to particular types of accommodation;

Part two of this blog will explore trends and opportunities in the network that emerged from the Winter Regional Hubs. The dates for our Summer series of Regional Member Hubs are available to view here