Thatcham Baptist Church

2023-11-26T09:57:14+00:0026 November 2023|

Thatcham Baptist Church As a church, We have been welcoming people seeking asylum since January 2022. There is Home Office funded temporary hotel accommodation in our small town. People, mainly Christians, have been coming to [...]

The Cotton Tree Trust

2023-11-26T09:52:33+00:0026 November 2023|

The Cotton Tree Trust was founded in October 2016 to provide support and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Charities and legal firms seeking to provide immigration advice and support to [...]


2023-11-26T09:36:40+00:0026 November 2023|

Clear Project is a charity supporting refugees, asylum seekers, EU migrants and those without immigration status in Southampton. Contact: Nikki Walters Phone: 02380221111 Email: [email protected] Website / Facebook / Twitter

Refugee Action

2023-10-19T16:34:38+01:0019 October 2023|

Refugee Action, we help people who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes. We get them the basic support they need to live again with dignity. Then we help them build safe, happy and productive [...]


2023-10-19T16:13:39+01:0019 October 2023|

Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG) is a grassroots migrant led community organisation based in Coventry. We believe that people affected by a problem are best placed to find the solutions. Our common cause [...]


2023-10-19T16:06:43+01:0019 October 2023|

Homeplus is a Belfast-based charity working with refugees, asylum seekers, destitute migrant workers and homeless people - some of Belfast's most vulnerable individuals. We were established as a Registered Charity in 2000 by a group [...]

Oasis Cardiff

2023-10-23T09:32:47+01:0019 October 2023|

Oasis Cardiff, We provide support for roughly 100-150 visitors each day from around the globe, this includes people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, El Salvador, and Ivory Coast among many other countries. Some have just [...]

Tai Pawb

2023-10-23T10:43:45+01:0019 October 2023|

What we do? Equality in housing matters because home is where everything starts. Poor housing reduces life chances. We work to enable all people to have equal chances by working with organisations to reduce prejudice, [...]

East Belfast Mission

2023-10-11T12:36:00+01:0011 October 2023|

EBM works across all communities offering a range of services to meet the needs of everyone. With over 100 staff currently employed and approximately 200 volunteers, the range of social projects include. Website   / Facebook [...]

Rainbow Migration

2023-10-09T09:37:07+01:009 October 2023|

We provide practical and emotional support for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum to help improve their confidence and self-esteem and reduce isolation. We provide specialist legal information and advice, and campaign to improve the treatment of [...]

Asylum Welcome

2023-10-19T10:09:07+01:0020 September 2023|

Asylum Welcome offers information, advice and practical support to asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants living in Oxfordshire. We help adults, young people and families to feel safe, respected and understood as members of our [...]

RAY (Refugee Action York)

2023-08-11T07:58:06+01:007 August 2023|

RAY's vision is for all refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to be welcomed and fully accepted into local and regional communities, where they can feel safe and empowered to rebuild their lives. RAY works with [...]

Booth Centre

2023-08-07T17:44:39+01:007 August 2023|

  The Booth Centre provides a warm welcome, an opportunity to belong, to gain a purpose and rebuild lives. Our programme includes activities such as volunteering, creative projects and sports, as well as training and [...]

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement (OHM)

2023-08-11T07:58:53+01:003 August 2023|

OHM is a partnership of the many organisations helping those who are homeless in Oxfordshire. We all work to ensure that "nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets." If you think of these [...]

Breaking Barriers

2023-10-06T11:41:52+01:0025 November 2022|

Breaking Barriers We welcome refugees into meaningful employment with advice, experience and education. We believe in the power of responsible business to change society for the better through our innovative partnerships. Contact: Carmen Chapell Elkin [...]

Migrant Centre NI

2023-09-19T11:00:40+01:0010 October 2022|

Migrant Centre NI was established to protect the rights of migrant workers in Northern Ireland, tackle racism, eliminate barriers against migrant workers, advance education and raise public awareness about their rights. Contact: Kendall Bousquet Email: [...]

Greenwich Winter Night Shelter

2023-08-30T13:44:52+01:005 October 2022|

Greenwich Winter Night Shelter operates a winter night shelter (October - March) and a year-round Day Centre for anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness in Greenwich and surrounding areas. With support from [...]

Hope Into Action: Southampton

2023-10-06T12:33:07+01:009 June 2022|

Hope into Action: Southampton is a project of City Life Church Southampton. It is a franchise, and part of the wider Hope Into Action UK network – a Christian housing project set up to help [...]

Signposts (Luton)

2023-08-30T12:34:27+01:0013 May 2022|

Signposts is here to help people who are homeless in Luton and Dunstable, Our aim is to help clients achieve their own maximum potential to live and develop in the community Email: [email protected] Website Social [...]

Housing Justice Cymru

2023-10-23T10:11:09+01:0029 April 2022|

Housing Justice Cymru runs a Wales-wide Hosting project for people with fragile immigration status. It works in partnership with local organisations. Hosts are needed in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Wrexham. Housing Justice Cymru works with Welsh [...]

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