OHM is a partnership of the many organisations helping those who are homeless in Oxfordshire. We all work to ensure that “nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets.” If you think of these organisations as a community, then think of us as the Community Centre!
We bring greater visibility to all of the county’s work in this area, signposting volunteers, supporters and those experiencing homelessness to the actions and services they’re looking for.
OHM’s project work fills the critical gaps in services that others can’t, and always working in partnership means that we have the best team for the job.
Our best team includes those with lived experience of homelessness. Being guided by people who have personally experienced homelessness through the Lived Experience Advisory Forum means our work remains relevant and needed.
Our partnership was established because life is simpler when we work together. We are resourced with a small team of volunteers, one staff member and a steering committee and together, we make a big impact.

Contact: Jane Cranston


Email:  [email protected]

Phone Number: 01865863681

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