Vision & Values

External Context

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External Context Conflict, persecution, environmental degradation, political crises and economic inequalities have fuelled exile and migration across the globe. Although the majority of refugees do not end up in Europe, deepening and extended [...]

Our Strategic Plan

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Our Strategic Plan In 2017 NACCOM produced its first strategy and theory of change. For the past five years it has directed the network to achieve significant impact for people seeking asylum, refugees, [...]

Vision and Mission

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Our Vision NACCOM’s vision is for the UK to have a fair, just and humane asylum and immigration system, which enables people seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants to be free from destitution and [...]

Strategic Goals and Activities

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To deliver our plan to #EndDestitution, the four key changes (strategic goals) we will seek to implement are: 1. The root causes and human impact of destitution and solutions to end destitution are [...]


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The following are values that we hold dear at NACCOM. They are not an exclusive list, but rather a reflection of the way in which the network has operated since its inception in 2006, and [...]

Anti-racism statement

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NACCOM is committed to being an anti-racist organisation. The Black Lives Matter protests [of 2020] have been a rallying cry for us all to pause, reflect on, and take action against, the structural, political and [...]

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