The following are values that we hold dear at NACCOM. They are not an exclusive list, but rather a reflection of the way in which the network has operated since its inception in 2006, and values that we desire to underpin the ongoing work of the charity.

A thirst for justice

There can be no deviation from our mission until all destitution among people seeking asylum and refugees in the UK is eradicated.

Collective working within and beyond the network

We recognise the contribution that all our members can make, and value the expertise and input of others working for the same goals.


We stand in solidarity with those who have lived experience of destitution and those who support them.

Shared resources, knowledge, ideas, expertise and best practice

NACCOM is committed to sharing what we have with all who agree with our aims. Networking produces outcomes that cannot easily be measured.

Commitment to excellence

We strive to do everything to the best of our ability, and are not satisfied with anything less than the best quality.

Openness and transparency

Our members should be kept informed at all times and consulted on issues that may affect them. Our processes should be visible and accountable.


Our events and resources will always be affordable to all members, irrespective of their financial situation.

Empowerment for refugees and people seeking asylum with lived experience of destitution

Their voices should be heard, and their talents recognised and used. Wherever possible their opinions inform and influence NACCOM plans and policy.