“Today our thoughts are with the 27 men, women and children who lost their lives in the English Channel this week, whilst trying to reach the safety of the UK. Our hearts go out to their friends, families and communities, as they come to terms with this incomprehensible tragedy.  

“As a network of organisations supporting people in the asylum system, we stand in solidarity with all those who are forced to make unimaginable choices and desperate journeys in the hope of finding a better, safer life. People fleeing violence, war and persecution have a legal right to seek protection here; this is a precious commitment that the UK has honoured for 70 years, and which our current Government appears determined to undermine. 

“We know that 98% of those who cross the Channel claim asylum – and yet the Government’s inhumane approach to refugee protection will lead to more senseless and preventable loss of life. Only the introduction of safe routes to allow people to claim asylum here will stop further tragedies in the Channel, and an asylum system rooted in compassion and justice that recognises, respects and supports people who urgently need our protection.  

“Each year our members support thousands of people who are stripped of dignity, agency and humanity as they go through the UK asylum process. The Nationality and Borders Bill will further denigrate their rights and put many more lives at risk.  

“This damaging new Bill will create a two-tier system for people seeking asylum, wherein the merits of their claim are conditional on the journeys they have no choice but to make. It will further curtail access to justice, and will condemn people to live in limbo under grants of temporary protection, with the constant threat of removal preventing them from rebuilding their lives or ever feeling safe again.  

“Everyone, no matter who we are or where we’re from, deserves the chance to lead a safe, dignified and fulfilling life.”

Join us and take action against the Nationality and Borders Bill today: 

We are standing with JCWI and the recommendations they make.

We urge you to write to your MP today, send them the JCWI briefing and ask them to:

➡️ Support Amendment 8 to the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill: Remove clauses that would grant lesser rights to recognised refugees who arrive spontaneously; 

➡️ Support Amendment 11 to the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill: Remove provisions for offshore detention of asylum-seekers; 

➡️ Immediately open the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme and family reunion routes; 

➡️ Introduce a humanitarian visa scheme so that people seeking safety in the UK can do so without risking their lives.