Guest blog: “All health is public health; tackling asylum destitution during the pandemic” – Phil Davis, Hope Projects

27 January 2021|Blog|

CEO of Hope Projects in the West Midlands, and NACCOM Trustee, Phil Davis reflects below on the lessons learnt by one frontline charity as they continue to support people experiencing destitution at the hands of [...]

“This week’s events in America should stand as a reminder to all those who hold political office that their words have the power” – NACCOM’s National Director reflects on an unprecedented week in US politics

8 January 2021|News|

On January 6th 2021, far-right extremists violently entered the US Capitol building - the seat of American democracy - to disrupt the Electoral Vote Count that would certify Joe Biden as the next President of [...]

Guest blog: The impact of Brexit and related changes to immigration legislation on EU nationals in the UK at risk of homelessness

6 January 2021|Blog, News|

The impact of Brexit on immigration policy is far-reaching, and includes changes to immigration legislation that will have immediate consequences for EU nationals in the UK who are at risk of homelessness, and their access [...]

We are closed over the festive period!

17 December 2020|News|

  NACCOM will be closed from 3pm on Thursday 24th December 2020 ~ Refugees and people seeking asylum can call Refugee Council's Infoline to be signposted to services that meet their needs. Those assisting refugees [...]

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