Since 2013, NACCOM has asked full members (organisations that provide accommodation services) to fill in an annual survey to help us better understand the type and amount of accommodation and support services provided across the network, along with information about who the network supports and what their needs are.

Understanding the needs and capacity of the network is vital as this data underpins much of our advocacy and network development work. In the past year, we have used information from the survey to submit evidence to national inquiries, share with key decision makers and to underpin our campaigning and media work around evictions from asylum accommodation and Everyone In support.

This year, as people face eviction into homelessness after the pandemic, it is more vital than ever to understand what is going on across the network and where the gaps are, so that we can lobby for lasting change and champion the life-changing difference that local communities are making in tackling destitution in the asylum system.

What does the 2021 annual survey look like?

The survey is based on a maximum of 35 questions, which cover the type and amount of accommodation and support your organisation offers, the people you have supported over the last year and their needs, and some of the changes that you have seen through your service delivery.

The survey questions are linked to NACCOM’s goals to end destitution:

  • Goal 1. Supporting members to become more sustainable and effective to increase the number of people they accommodate.

  • Goal 2. Enabling those with lived experience to share their insight and experiences so that working in partnership with NACCOM and other organisations, the human face of destitution has a raised profile and their opinions inform our work.

  • Goal 3. Tackle the root causes of destitution through policy, lobbying and awareness raising.

How can my organisation take part in the annual survey?

The annual survey is for full members (organisations who provide accommodation services) of NACCOM. If you are a NACCOM full member you should have been sent an email directly with personalised information. Please contact Jessie on [email protected] or 07732290517 if you have not received this.

How can I use/access the data from the NACCOM annual survey?

The headline data from the 2020-21 annual survey will be published in our annual Impact Report later this year (November), alongside a data bulletin, both of which will be available to download from our website.

This year the data will cover the COVID-19 period and will tell a unique story regarding the types of support people have been able to access during the pandemic, how COVID-19 has impacted on service delivery across the network, as well as highlighting any changes to accommodation models that the network may be able to offer over the coming years.

You will receive a copy of the information your organisation has submitted, and we would be happy to share information from previous annual surveys with you, if that is useful to you.

The deadline for the survey is 21st June 2021 and we do hope you are able to get involved. Please let Jessie know if you have any thoughts about this process or would like to arrange a phone call.

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