We believe everyone should be entitled to live with dignity. Asylum seekers should have safe, comfortable
accommodation whilst they wait for a decision on their asylum claim. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and
many people in the asylum system do not have the means to meet even the most basic of needs.
As most asylum seekers are not permitted to work, they are reliant on Home Office support and accommodation.
But for asylum seekers, there are many barriers to receiving the limited support they are rightly entitled to. We
ensure, wherever possible, that people access this support so that they have somewhere safe to sleep and
enough to eat.

How we help

Every day, we prevent people from becoming homeless. Our team have the experience and expertise to assist
people in desperate circumstances through our Asylum Rights Programme.

Our team spend time listening to clients, helping them to understand the asylum support system, identifying the
problem and helping find a way forward.

We challenge incorrect decisions made by housing providers and the Home Office including supporting appeals at

We support people to complain about unsafe, insecure or damp asylum accommodation. We see people expected
to live in homes with leaking ceilings, carpets flooded from faulty plumbing, pest infestations, lack of heating and
hot water and broken locks and doors.

We provide vital support to homeless asylum seekers giving urgent financial assistance in the short term, and
identifying pathways back into accommodation and financial support including supporting them to make Section 4

We work closely with partners across Wales and are members of the Welsh Refugee Coalition to work
collaboratively to raise awareness of the challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees, and also to highlight
their successes and positive contributions to Wales.

Contact: Holly Taylor or Andrea Cleaver

Office: 02920 489 800

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://wrc.wales/

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