Ubuntu Women Shelter

Ubuntu Women Shelter is a Glasgow based charity dedicated to meeting emergency and short term accommodation needs of women who are destitute with no recourse to public funds. We are the first service in the UK run and managed by people with lived experience of migration, asylum and destitution. We are in direct resistance to the hostile environment and have an ethos of no borders and refuse to consent to the current border regime.

Our services include hosting women, referrals and advocacy and are designed to meet the unique emotional and psychological needs of women excluded from homelessness and welfare services and housing. We welcome women with failed asylum claim, who have been granted refugee status but destitute and awaiting support and housing.

Our services are open to and welcome cis gender, non-binary, queer, trans people and sex workers. We welcome women from all faiths and religious persuasions. We need volunteers, donations and funding in order to acquire an asset to open our first dedicated night shelter and need volunteers to offer hosting to women in their homes.

Contact: Dania Thomas

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 07835160913


Social Media: Twitter , Facebook