Penrith and Eden Refugee Network provides support and welcomes single adult refugees with leave to remain to settle in Penrith.  Refugees must choose to settle in Penrith and we provide initial hosting and support into private rental housing, employment and belonging in the local community. We have a small settling-in and hardship fund and will pay for travel for exploratory visits to Penrith and support settling in costs.  To find out more see our website or contact Sarah or Ali.  We speak slowly and clearly.  Translation can be organised.  We have 6 places in 2018.

Penrith is a vibrant town, half-way between Manchester and Glasgow.  We have public transport, affordable housing, entry level jobs and a welcome and friendships.

Contact: Sarah Wilson

Phone: 07950 106559

Email: [email protected]

Website |Facebook

Please note the pin does not accurately reflect the location of the project.