Haringey Migrant Support Centre (HMSC) runs a weekly service for migrants providing advice and casework on immigration, welfare, housing and community care issues. It also offers destitution support as well as referring or signposting to other specialist organisations supporting migrants with their specific needs. During the Monday drop-in we provide a hot meal, food parcels and a welcoming space offering opportunities for connection and participation. HMSC is attended by 35-45 people every week; some of them come with children and at least a third are new visitors. These are individuals who, due to their lack of status, are excluded from taking any employment or receiving welfare support, and are thus left in a state of semi- or complete destitution. HMSC welcomes all migrants, regardless of immigration status or country of origin and we help between 850 and 900 individuals a year. Some of our ex-visitors come back and volunteer at the Centre getting involved in a range of roles. HMSC is one of a few organisations which can provide holistic, long term support to its visitors through the specialist services of its team and the involvement of the wide range of statutory and voluntary sector partners and specialist surgeries.


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