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Hope at Home

Hope at Home is a UK-wide charity fighting the cycle of modern day slavery and human trafficking, preventing re-trafficking and survivor homelessness by equipping people to host survivors in their homes and facilitating adult to adult voluntary living arrangements between hosts and survivors. Without this stable home, many survivors would be destitute and extremely vulnerable. We aim to give every survivor the opportunity to lead healthy, resilient, independent lives and become useful members of society. We train hosts, raising their awareness about modern day slavery and equipping them to set boundaries and welcome a vulnerable person into their home. Every [...]

7 November 2017|

C4WS Homeless Project

C4WS runs a winter night shelter from November to the end of March every year. We do not accept self referrals, but you can visit one of our partners who will take you through the processes of applying for a space based on suitability and availability. Please find details of where to go on the I AM HOMELESS page on our website. We also run a hosting scheme, which is only open to guests who have stayed with us at our winter night shelter. Website

20 July 2017|

Coventry Migrant Women House

Coventry Migrant Women House is an accommodation service for forced migrant women without any source of income in the Midlands. The project has been established since 2016 and works closely with other NACCOM Members in the area. Contact: Beth Ash Email: [email protected] Website

23 August 2017|

Thousand 4 £1000

  Thousand 4 £1000 CIO is a discrete offshoot of Brighton Migrant Solidarity (BMS being focused mainly on campaigning). We are the only organisation in the Brighton area providing housing support to destitute migrants who are not allowed to work or have no recourse to public funds. We take referrals directly from organisations such as Brighton Voices in Exile. In addition to accommodation, we also provide financial, practical and emotional support to locally based migrants. Contact: Jenny Priestman Email: [email protected] Website Social Media: Facebook  and Twitter  

31 March 2017|

Abigail Housing

Abigail Housing is a West-Yorkshire based charitable company dedicated to providing support and homes to refugees and asylum seekers who find themselves destitute on our streets. This includes those who have been refused asylum but cannot reasonably return to their country of origin (our Destitution Project in Bradford) and those given refugee status who have to leave their Home Office housing (our Refugee Project in Leeds). Contact: Neal Heard Phone: 07743189314 Email: [email protected] Website / Twitter / Facebook

28 April 2016|

Action Foundation

Action Foundation is the only organisation in Tyne and Wear specifically set up to provide supported accommodation for destitute asylum seekers who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF).  We lease properties from private landlords and sublet them free of charge to vulnerable asylum seekers with NRPF.  We also run a Hosting scheme for this client group matching them with people who we have recruited and trained to provide a room in their home.  We also provide supported, private rented accommodation to new refugees in Tyne and Wear who become homeless following their positive asylum decision.  We currently operate in Newcastle, [...]

28 April 2016|

Nottingham Arimathea Trust

Nottingham Arimathea Trust provide housing and support to vulnerable Asylum Seekers, Refugees, Victims of Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking and other vulnerable migrants in Nottingham and Derby.  Alongside accommodation we ensure individuals can access adequate legal representation so they can work toward submitting fresh claims for asylum and, from there, access Asylum Support housing or long term independent accommodation (for refugees). We also provide advocacy support, volunteering opportunities, training, English classes and cultural celebrations. Website  

28 April 2016|

ASSIST Sheffield

  Since 2003, ASSIST Sheffield has provided accommodation, a bespoke casework service and welfare payments to people forced into destitution by the asylum system. Offering a period of relative stability from which clients can begin to rebuild their lives and pursue their legal rights, ASSIST fosters an atmosphere of welcome in Sheffield, and works to challenge the policies of destitution and the hostile environment. Phone: 0300 2010072 Email: [email protected] Website / Twitter / Facebook

28 April 2016|

Asylum Link Merseyside

Asylum Link Merseyside offer  a drop-in Service for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, offering welcome and friendship. a Broad range of services from Tea/Coffee/Meals and Social Activities to ESOL, Clothes and Casework (OISC1/Social Work), to Housing and Food for the destitute. Website / Twitter | Facebook 

26 April 2016|

Boaz Trust

The Boaz Trust is a Manchester based charity committed to ending destitution amongst refugees and asylum seekers who have become homeless through the asylum process. We provide accommodation alongside practical and pastoral support in the Greater Manchester area. Contact: Ros Holland Phone: 0161 202 1056 Email:  [email protected] Website Social Media: Twitter

28 April 2016|

(BIRCH) Network

BIRCH runs a hosting network aiming to relieve the destitution of asylum seekers whose Home Office support and accommodation has been cut off. We have a growing network of volunteer community hosts who provide short term accommodation to those who are destitute and have nowhere to go. Contact: Stephanie Neville Email: [email protected] Phone: 07395 483951 Website

28 April 2016|

Bristol Hospitality Network

Bristol Hospitality Network (BHN) extends solidarity to people seeking asylum and experiencing destitution through accommodation and creative community involvement.  BHN provides full board accommodation in host households or in its large house for men in Bristol and community volunteering opportunities and social enterprise in solidarity with both male and female asylum seekers experiencing destitution.  BHN also offers a weekly welcome centre for over 100 asylum seekers and refugees and a solidarity fund for those with no other money. Contact: Laura Chester Phone: 07544 971885 Email: [email protected] Website / Facebook / Twitter 

28 April 2016|

Communities and Sanctuary Seekers Together (CAST)

Communities and Sanctuary Seekers Together (CAST) is a Southend-based community group, committed to bring an end to destitution amongst asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants with no recourse to public funding (NRPF) living in Southend. The organisation is made up of asylum-seekers, refugees and the wider community, and supports destitute and homeless asylum seekers by providing resources, advice and accommodation. CAST also builds links between sanctuary-seekers and longer-established communities to nurture integration and community cohesion. Phone: 01702436659 Email: [email protected] Website: https://www.castsanctuary.com/ Social Media: Facebook | Twitter  

28 April 2016|

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre offers advice and support, access to employment, education, training, basic life skills and volunteering, alongside an in-house supported housing scheme. The Coventry Destitution Fund offers practical help to people suffering extreme hardship, including food, clothes, night shelter and travel. Contact: Toni Soni Website

28 April 2016|

DASH (Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield)

DASH provides support mainly to destitute asylum seekers. these groups do not have access to main public funds and no support from the home office. DASH provides accommodation mainly through its hosting scheme. We also provide limited casework assistance but signpost and refer clients to relevant social services, immigration solicitors and other services. Our work is in Huddersfield but clients from Bradford, Dewsbury and Halifax also come for assistance and support. Contact: Jane Fowden Phone: 07702382647 Email: [email protected] Website

28 April 2016|

Fatima House

Fatima House Fatima House project is a partnership between different organisations of the Catholic Church in Birmingham which provides free of charge/temporary accommodation to destitute asylum seeker women.  We receive referrals only from organisations which have signed a memorandum of understanding with Fatima House. Contact: Mauricio Silva Email:  [email protected] Phone:  0121 7730504  

28 April 2016|


Home4U is a volunteer-run, Registered Charity based in Cardiff offering accommodation to a small number of asylum seekers who are destitute. It works closely with Space4U, a separate Charity which is a Drop-in Centre with a variety of services for people who are asylum seekers and refugees and also prioritises support for those who are destitute.  Email: [email protected] Website /Facebook / Twitter

28 April 2016|

Hope Projects (West Midlands)

Hope Projects challenges flawed refusals of asylum. Working with a network of partner charities across Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country we provide housing, financial support and legal advice and representation along with peer support activities. Contact: Aliya Khan Email: [email protected] Website

28 April 2016|

Sanctuary Hosting

Sanctuary Hosting (formerly Host Oxford) is a project which matches destitute sanctuary seekers to those people with spare rooms and open hearts in the community who are prepared to allow someone to stay with them rent free for a pre-defined period of time. Email:  [email protected] Website: http://sanctuaryhosting.org/ Social Media: Facebook

28 April 2016|

Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network (LASSN)

Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network (LASSN) works with refugees and asylum seekers living in Leeds, offering befriending and support to learn English.  The Grace Hosting project links local volunteers with a spare room with asylum seekers and refugees who have nowhere to stay. Contact: Jo Carter Phone number: 07927 808372 Email: [email protected] Website| Twitter | Facebook

28 April 2016|

Housing Justice

Housing Justice train and support night shelters, run a pan London hosting scheme for asylum seekers and forced migrants, and provide mentoring and befriending training and support. Website / Twitter / Facebook

28 April 2016|

Nightstop North East (Depaul UK)

Nightstop North East (Depaul UK) provides emergency accommodation to homeless clients, including those who are destitute, in the homes of approved and trained volunteers. The scheme is open to anyone over the age of 16. Clients are risk assessed on an individual basis and access accommodation on a night by night basis. The service is available on a short term basis only, but can provide much needed respite for destitute clients. Contact: Ian Forster Office: 0791 8904661 Email: [email protected] Website

28 April 2016|

One Roof Leicester

One Roof is a consortium of independent faith, community and voluntary sector organisations. We provide support and accommodation to the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers and the destitute in Leicester. Phone: 0116 44 22 007 Website Social Media: Twitter | Facebook

28 April 2016|

Open Door North East

Open Door North East provides accommodation for destitute asylum seekers through our housing scheme. We provide accommodation for refugees, having a mixture of family houses as well as shared houses. We provide supporting services including drop-in sessions for asylum seekers to access support, advice and guidance. We assist refugees to access mainstream benefits and employment. We are able to offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities across the charity. Contact: Anna Lewis Office: 01642 213634 Email: [email protected] Website /Facebook / Twitter  

28 April 2016|

Open Doors Project (Hull)

Open Doors works with asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants, enabling them to integrate into the local society.  We offer a range of services including accommodation, drop-in service, befriending, interpreting, food parcels, hardship funds, employment support basic English classes, Sport/social/music activities, Social and Health wellbeing Service and IT basic lessons and IT facilities. Contact: Cecil Jones Phone: 07986314490 Email: [email protected] Website / Facebook / Twitter

28 April 2016|

The Night Shelter Coventry

The Night Shelter provides emergency bed spaces to migrants and refugees with No Recourse to Public Funds. A hot evening meal, breakfast, storage for bags, and access to washing facilities are provided, and it provides quick access crisis support while people work on longer term solutions. Pin does not accurately reflect the location of this project. Contact: Beth Ash Phone: 07443428916 Email: [email protected] Website

28 April 2016|
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