Nottingham Arimathea Trust is recruiting a Housing Manager to join their small staff team and provide housing management services. The post-holder will also work with the CEO and other staff to identify suitable new properties for the trust to manage, and therefore increase NAT’s housing stock.

For more information, download the Job Description and Job Advert. Please note applications will be accepted until the 1st March.

Brief background to the work of Nottingham Arimathea Trust:

The charity was born out of a need to provide housing for destitute asylum seekers who were unable to return to their homelands due to fear of their own safety should they do so. Once asylum seekers are refused by the Home Office they lose accommodation, financial support and are not entitled to work. The Home Office believes that enforced destitution will encourage people to sign for voluntary return, however this rarely happens. We work with the most vulnerable of this group of people. We receive many more referrals than we can house, and we have to make hard choices. We look at vulnerabilities – how long have they been in the UK? If not long maybe they lack friends who may have been able to help. We look at whether they are young or old, as either of these groups are more vulnerable when faced with street homelessness. We also look at whether they have any ongoing medical or disability needs, as again this would increase vulnerability. Finally, we balance all of the above against whether they have a solicitor or advisor who is able to prepare a fresh claim or further submissions to give the person a permanent route out of destitution by gaining refugee status. Approximately ½ of our former residents do gain leave to remain in the UK. As well as providing accommodation for destitute asylum seekers, which we have done since 2007, we also provide housing for refugees. We have 9 flats in a block, as well as 2 family homes. We also have refugees renting rooms in shared houses where we pay rent for the property, so this helps us by giving us an income with which to pay the rent. We are one of two charities nationally, housing asylum seekers and refugees alongside one another to ensure we can financially sustain any properties we take on. We are about providing our residents with excellent quality accommodation and support whilst they live in our housing. We are also always looking to gain new housing, not to build an empire but to mean we can better meet the housing needs of asylum seekers and refugees in Nottingham, which is a growing challenge. We currently house 40 people in 16 properties and have a team of 2 full time and 2 part time staff, with around 25 volunteers engaged in supporting our work.

For more information about the work of the trust, or to enquire about the job vacancy, please contact the team.