Each year, NACCOM members provide information on the number, needs and experiences of people accommodated through their services who are facing destitution because of the immigration system. This unique body of evidence from our members is the only data set of its kind and is vital to help build a UK-wide picture of destitution and the work that is being done across the UK to combat this.

The data enables us to spot trends and supports our policy and campaigning by backing up our key asks with evidence. Without this invaluable information from our members, we would not be able to campaign on their behalf to end destitution.

For more information on how we used our members’ data last year, please click here.

Over the coming months we’ll be using our latest members’ survey data to inform and shape our advocacy and communications strategies, working in partnership with others in the sector to bring an end to destitution.

We thank all our members for their invaluable and continuous input, without which we would not be able to advocate for a fairer and more humane justice system for everyone seeking sanctuary in the UK.

Headline accommodation statistics 2018-2019:



You can download the accommodation statistics here, and our full Impact Report for 2018-2019 here.