Bridget Young, NACCOM’s Director, shares an end of year message with our supporters.

“As a newcomer to NACCOM, arriving earlier this year in July, what has struck me most is the resilience, passion, creativity and solidarity of our members, experts by experience, partners, staff and volunteers, who come together as the No Accommodation Network and use their collective voice and resources to offer practical solutions to destitution whilst fighting for a more humane asylum system.

There are so many moments for the network to be proud of this year; the incredible work of our Community Researcher group, who are evidencing the impact of destitution; our BBC Radio 4 appeal, which has helped to raise awareness of asylum destitution and over £32,000 to support our collective work; our members accommodating 2,771 people and offering 413,089 nights of accommodation during such an unprecedented and challenging year.

As we approach 2022, I’ve no doubt that the power of the network will again be an important and effective force for change. Despite the increasingly challenging environment that we find ourselves in – due to hostile legislative changes, rising demand for services, reduced access to auxiliary support, and the ongoing uncertainty presented by Covid-19 – the NACCOM family will continue to keep people safe whilst providing vital pathways out of destitution.

However you have supported us this year, we thank you for joining us on this journey. With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.”

~ The NACCOM team.