Thanks to Gemma at Host Nottingham for this update about their work over the last few months…

We have one new host who has joined us and who is already hosting. We have met with 5 people who are interested in hosting which is great and we hope this will turn into new hosts joining us. We are very grateful to our hosts for their kindness and hospitality but more importantly for their understanding and the warm-hearted welcome that they have given.

We are now hosting newly recognised refugees as well, and have made 2 placements so far and have met with the Refugee Forum workers to work together to make sure we are all connected. It’s a new area of work and we are pleased with the opportunity to help people at both ends of the asylum process.

We will be holding an open evening on Monday 26th September (venue to be confirmed). We would like to invite all our supporters and hosts, those who are interested in Host and hosting and those who have been hosted or volunteered throughout the year.’

Please get in touch with Host Nottingham if you’re interested in coming along!