NACCOM’s National Director, Renae Mann, has joined civil society charities to urge the UK Government to maintain its commitment to the UK’s international aid budget, stressing the importance of recognising the interconnectedness of international and domestic goals.

On Twitter, Ms Mann said:

The full statement on the ACEVO website reads;

“As charities and civil society organisations that predominantly work with and for people that live in the UK we recognise the urgent need for the government to invest more money in people, communities and places in order to ensure we can all have happy, fulfilling, well lives. This can and must be done while maintaining the UK’s long-standing commitment to the 0.7% international aid budget.

Building thriving domestic and international communities are interconnected goals, goals that can be achieved through collective action and political choice.

We add our voices to those asking for the government to reverse its decision to cut UK spending on international aid. As civil society organisations, we share values of collaboration and justice, and a vision of a fairer, greener, better future. These values and our vision do not stop at the UK’s borders.”