NACCOM’s latest Annual Survey data reveals thousands of people in the asylum and immigration system experienced destitution and homelessness last year.

  • Latest figures from NACCOM show that 3,724 people were accommodated by the network last year (2022-2023).

  • The data reveals a sharp rise in the number of people in the asylum and immigration system needing some form of support from charities to meet their basic needs. 

  • There was also a big increase in the number of people with refugee status being accommodated by the network. 

  • Despite ongoing challenges, including the cost of living crisis, frontline charities are left to provide a vital safety net to people when statutory support fails or is withdrawn. 

The key data explained

  • 3,724 people experiencing destitution were accommodated by the network across the reporting period, with at least 479,474 nights of accommodation provided by NACCOM members 

  • 2,080 of those accommodated had restricted or no access to public funds (No Recourse to Public Funds) or had refugee status. 

  • Of the above; 

    • 790 were people who had been refused asylum and were Appeal Rights Exhausted (ARE). 
    • 977 had refugee status. The number of refugee adults accommodated increased sharply (by 50% compared to 2021/2022, up from 652), making this group the largest group accommodated by the network for the first time since 2017-2018. 
  • 1,305 people were rough sleeping, or in informal or insecure accommodation, directly before approaching charities for support. More than three quarters of this number (76%) were subsequently accommodated by the network. 

  • 3,812 people were given financial support during the year, with 2,576 of those not being accommodated by members at the time.  

  • The network is agile – but at capacity. Whilst the network was able to grow to meet additional demand and support, 2,261 people could not be accommodated by membersmore than double last year’s total of 1,107.