On January 6th 2021, far-right extremists violently entered the US Capitol building – the seat of American democracy – to disrupt the Electoral Vote Count that would certify Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

Renae Mann, NACCOM’s National Director, reflects on this unprecedented situation in the context of current UK politics, below; 


“The No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) is deeply troubled by the events that took place on Wednesday 6th January in the United States Capitol. We feel compelled to speak up in defence of non-violent, democratic approaches to achieving social justice.

In the UK we have seen how the same dangerous, divisive rhetoric by political leaders has incited hatred towards people seeking asylum in the UK and people advocating for their rights. Hate-fuelled demonstrations blocking ports, extremists invading people’s accommodation to harass and intimidate them, physical attacks on legal representatives. There is no place in public debate for violence, resentment, entitlement, and intimidation.  

Divisive rhetoric undermines our shared progress as a society. NACCOM works to ensure that everyone in the UK immigration system is able to stay safe, dry, warm. We do that standing with others calling for the same rights for UK residents because we believe, like Jo Cox, that “We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us”. 

This week’s events in America should stand as a reminder to all those who hold political office that their words have the power to unify and foster understanding  – or, as we have seen, fuel hatred, division and violence. We invite political leaders to endorse the Code of Conduct and engage in constructive and inclusive debate to create a more united and compassionate UK society.”