This year’s Guardian and Observer Charity Appeal has focused on destitution and youth homelessness, with funds raised to support the work of NACCOM, Centrepoint and Depaul UK. The appeal, which closes on Sunday, has already raised over £1.25 million.

Funds that NACCOM receives will ensure that asylum seekers and refugees have a roof over their head and a chance at rebuilding their lives. See below for some examples of how members and service users have featured in the appeal so far, and we’d encourage you that there are just four days left to donate to the campaign!

Abigail Housing, a housing provider for refugees and asylum seekers in Bradford and Leeds, featured in last weekend’s Guardian. Interviews for the article were conducted at the last drop-in of the year at the project centre in Bradford, where residents of shared houses collect food, clothing and financial support, because they have no recourse to public funds. Our huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the article, particularly those who shared their personal experiences about destitution in the UK. Read the full story here.

Nottingham Arimathea Trust, and another member project working in the West Midlands, featured in an Observer article on Christmas Eve which looked in detail at some of the experiences of sofa surfing and rough sleeping that service users shared. Again, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made these interviews happen and felt able to talk about their experiences. Read the full story here.

At the turn of 2018, we are so encouraged by the support of the Guardian and Observer, raising awareness about destitution and showcasing some of the fantastic work that is going on within our network. We would also like to reiterate our thanks to everyone who has supported the appeal so far. Please do share these stories and keep a look out for coverage and updates in these final few days!