Alongside other leading homelessness charities, NACCOM has signed a pledge coordinated by Homeless Link to stand against the Government’s changes to Immigration Rules, which will make rough sleeping grounds for refusing or cancelling a person’s leave to remain in the UK.

The pledge states:

As an organisation dedicated to fighting homelessness, we stand against the new rough sleeping Immigration Rules. We pledge to do everything in our power to support those who need it, regardless of their immigration status.

What will the new policy do?

The new policy will drive people who are already vulnerable – including victims of modern slavery – away from the support they need and will hamper efforts to end rough sleeping. 

Government guidance places some limits on when the Rules should be applied, though these limitations are far from sufficient. The Guidance also highlights the central role the Home Office wants local authorities to play in implementing the Rules – including making proactive referrals.  

Homelessness organisations and local authorities across England are standing against these damaging Rules and in solidarity with non-UK nationals who need our support. In doing so, we are standing for a trauma-informed, support-led homelessness system, that is trusted by everyone who needs it.  

Joint statement

➡️ NACCOM is strongly opposed to the rules and has signed a joint statement with other homelessness organisations.

Sign the pledge

➡️ Homeless Link is urging charities and Local Authorities to sign up to the pledge – you can do so here.