Last summer witnessed a remarkable rise in public support, across Britain and the rest of Europe, for those risking everything to escape conflict. This was demonstrated by the Refugees Welcome Here march which took place in London last September. This year, as world leaders prepare to meet to discuss the refugee crisis again, there is another opportunity to show our solidarity, welcome, and support for those in greatest need.

Refugees Welcome Here, coordinated by Solidarity with Refugees, is happening on Saturday September 17th in London, and it’s great to hear that many NACCOM members will be attending, to join with others to call on our government to:

  • Do more to lead the way towards a more humane global response to the millions fleeing conflict
  • Offer safe passage to the UK for more people who have been forced to flee their homes
  • Do more to help refugees in the UK rebuild their lives here

The march starts at 12:30pm at Park Lane, London W1, beginning at the Southbound carriageway. It will then proceed to Parliament Square where there will be a rally from 3-5pm. You can see the starting point on the map.

Want to know more? Visit the Solidarity website or via the Facebook event for full information.