Today (October 1st 2020), NACCOM joins 228 organisations and 597 individuals who are joining together as a collective voice to tell the Prime Minister to reverse the decision to evict people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) into homelessness.

Last month we learnt that the Home Office has begun, as of the 15th September, to resume evictions from asylum accommodation for people with a negative decision in England, with plans to resume in Scotland and Wales in the future. Thousands of people are now facing homelessness as a direct result of this decision.

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Read more on our campaign to #StopAsylumEvictions and find out how you can take action here.


(Contact: Mahlea Babjak, [email protected])

1 October 2020

Dear Prime Minister,

CC: Home Secretary; Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government; First Minister of Scotland; First Minister of Wales

RE: Reverse the decision to evict people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) into homelessness

We write with deep concern as a collective of migrants’ rights organisations and individuals affected by the decision to re-commence evictions of people who live in asylum accommodation.

Evictions into homelessness at any time are unacceptable. At this time, as the UK returns to Covid-19 alert level 4, the risks to people affected by this decision are unacceptably high. It has been clearly evidenced that people from Black and Ethnic Minority Communities, including people facing eviction from asylum accommodation, face a significantly higher risk of poor clinical outcomes if exposed to the virus (1).

We therefore ask that you immediately reverse this decision so as to prevent people who have been refused asylum becoming homeless and destitute, and to protect the health and safety of both individuals and the general public.

In March 2020, the UK Government and devolved governments took sensible decisions that protected people seeking asylum, people at risk of homelessness with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) and wider public health. These measures included the suspension of evictions from asylum accommodation and the provision of accommodation to everyone experiencing homelessness, regardless of their immigration status, through the ‘Everyone In’ directive and equivalent initiatives by devolved governments. This protected many people when they needed it most and was a welcome, life-saving measure to individual and public safety. However, since the 15th September, people who have been refused asylum in England have begun to receive notices to leave their accommodation, with plans to restart evictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at a later date.

As these temporary initiatives come to an end, the likelihood of increased destitution and homelessness amongst those who are most vulnerable is heightened. This can and must be prevented. We support the UK Government’s aim to eradicate rough sleeping in this Parliament; however it is clear that this cannot be achieved if evictions from asylum accommodation proceed in this way, and without an end to NRPF conditions which stop Local Authorities from being able to provide support to everyone who needs it.

Thousands of people seeking asylum who now face eviction typically have no source of alternative income or savings. Once made homeless by the inhumane NRPF conditions, they will rely on charities or local people in the communities for support. Charities supporting people who are experiencing homelessness have had to radically rethink how they provide safe accommodation, and local conditions mean that accommodation providers have significantly less capacity and serious concerns about their ability to support those most in need. Moreover, the independent legal advice that people who have been refused asylum need to consider their options to challenge the decision and/or access assisted voluntary return is either unavailable or acutely oversubscribed.

On the basis of this information, we ask that you:
1. Immediately halt the evictions of people who have been refused asylum.
2. Place a fully funded duty on Local Authorities to accommodate people with NRPF conditions.

We are eager to speak with you and your Ministers to discuss in more depth the issues we have raised.

(1 For reference, see: Migration Exchange COVID-19 Impact Assessment Framework and Local Authority Responses to people with NRPF during the pandemic.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Asylum Matters (Paul Hook, Project Director)
Migrants’ Rights Network (Dorian Leatham, Interim CEO)
NACCOM (Renae Mann, National Director)

The Undersigned
Action Foundation (Julian Prior, CEO) Adavu: Support for Victims of Modern Slavery (Ian Howarth, Chair)
After Exploitation (Maya Esslemont, Director)
All African Women’s Group (Gloria Peters, Core Member)
Applecartlive (Paul Regan, Chair)
AROUK (Mohammed Amin, International Director)
Ashton Churches Asylum Project (Chris Wooff, Joint Leader)
ASIRT (Dave Stamp, Senior Caseworker)
ASSIST Sheffield (Lyndsey McLellan, Community and Events Officer)
Asylum Link Merseyside (Ewan Roberts, Manager)
Asylum Support Appeals Project (Alice Webb, Director)
Asylum Welcome (Almas Farzi, Frontline Services Manager)
Austin Smith House (Martin Newell, Community Leader)
AVID – Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees (Ali McGinley, Director)
Bail for Immigration Detainees (Celia Clarke, Director)
Baobob Women’s Project CIC (Sarah Taal, Director and Advocate) Barnet Refugee Service (Farida Stanikzai, Operations Manager) BASW Cymru (Allison Hulmes, National Director for Wales) BEACON – Bradford Ecumenical Asylum Concern (Sarah Jemison, Chair) Ben & Jerry’s (Anuradha Chugh, Managing Director) Bentham Area Refugee Support Group (Annie Neligan, Co-ordinator)
Bevan Healthcare CIC (Gina Rowlands, Managing Director)
BIASAN (Ruth Kerr, Volunteer English Teacher)
Birmingham City of Sanctuary (David Brown, Chair) Birmingham Community Hosting Network – BIRCH (Dr Andrew Jolly, Trustee) Birmingham Progressive Synagogue (Margaret Jacobi, Minister of Religion)
Birmingham Refugee & Asylum Seeker Solidarity (Tom Boyce, Co-ordinator)
Black Women’s Rape Action (Cristel Amiss, Project Co-ordinator)
Body & Soul (Sarah Jones, Head of Casework)
Borderlands (Steve Owen, Drop-in Manager)
Bradford City of Sanctuary (Will Sutcliffe, Chair)
Bradford College (Al-Ameen Hussain, Personal Development Officer)
Bradford Foundation Trust (Shadim Hussain, Board)
Bradford Friendship Choir (Fran Woodcock, Musical Director)
Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support Network (Dr Robert Butroyd, Treasurer) Bradford Refugee Week Planning Group (Deb Collett, Planning Group Co-ordinator)
Bristol City of Sanctuary (Rev Richard McKay, Co-chair)
Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (Coordinator, Mike Steel)
Bristol Refugee Rights (Beth Wilson, Director)
Bristol Signing Support (Sarah Methven, Volunteer Coordinator)
Burslem Jubilee (Sheila Podmore, Project Leader)
Calais Action (Libby Freeman, Director) Camcorder Guerrillas (Cassandra McGrogan, Collective Member) Carriers of Hope, Coventry (Sue Sampson, CEO) Chilypep (Ellie Munday, Project Coordinator) Choose Love (Joshua Hallam, Advocacy & Campaigns Coordinator) Churches Together in Sandbach (Carol Griffiths, Secretary) Citizens of the World Choir of Refugees & Friends (Tess Berry-Hart, Director) City of Sanctuary Bradford (Teresa Edwards, Volunteer) City of Sanctuary Sheffield (Thomas Martin, Director) City of Sanctuary UK (Sian Summers-Rees, Chief Officer) CLEAR (Admir Selimovic, Advice Team Manager)
Commonword (Martin De Mello, CEO)
Community InfoSource (Sheila Arthur, Manager)
Coventry Refugee & Migrant Centre (Jackie Capitani, Core Services Manager)
Cranhill Development Trust (David Jackson, Community Development Worker)
Crisis (Matt Downie, Director of Policy and External Affairs)
Croydon Refugee Day Centre (Peter Hall, Coordinator)
DASH (Maeve Larkin, Manager)
Derby Refugee Forum (Janet Fuller, Project Manager)
Destitution Project Bolton (Shaheda Mangerah, Caseworker)
Disabled People Against Cuts (Linda Brunip, Co-founder)
Docs Not Cops (Seb Casalotti, Member)
Docsnotcops Brighton (Justyna Wroblewska, Member)
Doctors of the World (Ellen Waters, Director)
Doncaster Conversation Club (Janice Foster, Lead Organiser)
Emmanuel URC/Methodist Church (Trevor Lockwood, Retired Minister)
Entraide, Mutual Aid (Giulia Pizzolini, UK Project Manager)
Evesham Vale Welcomes Refugees (Roslyn Gowers, Joint Coordinator)
Feminist Fightback
Focolare Movement (Sean Haran, Member)
Freedom from Torture (Sile Reynolds, Senior Policy Advisor)
Gateway Northeast (Joanne Fearn, CEO)
Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group (Anna Pincus, Director)
Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers (Annika Joy, Director)
Global Bradford/UK Butterflies (Vie Clerc, Outreach Worker)
Global Justice Bradford (Sheila Griffiths, Member)
Global Link, Lancaster (Gisela Renolds, Executive Director)
Govan Community Project (Traci Kirkland, Head of Charity)
Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (Denise McDowell, Chief Executive)
Greater Manchester Law Centre (Jason Tetley, Director)
Green Anticapitalist Front
Green Kordofan (Pete Keenan, Trustee)
HAAS (Steve Hibbs, Secretary)
Hackney Migrant Centre (Daf Viney, Director of Services)
Haringey Migrant Support Centre (Jude Lancet, Welfare Adviser)
Haringey Welcome (Lucy Nabijou, Coordinator)
Hatfield Men’s Shed (Peter Lowe, Founder)
Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees (Alisa Dunn, Secretary)
Healthwatch Sheffield (Joanna Sansom, Administrator)
Helen Bamber Foundation (Kerry Smith, CEO)
Herts Welcomes Refugees (Michael Hayter, Treasurer and Trustee)
Holy Family Sisters of Bordeaux (Catherine Lavery, Trustee)
Homeless Link (Rick Henderson, Chief Executive)
Hope at Home (Helen Hodgson, Operations Director)
Hope Housing (Helen Syrop, Manager)
Hope Projects (Neil Johnson, Chairperson)
Host Nottingham (Jane Henson, Chair)
Housing Justice (Kathy Moran, CEO)
Iberian and Latin American Association in Wales (Patricia EH Jones, Chairperson)
ICN – International Care Network (Irwin Buchanan, CEO)
Jesuit Refugee Service UK (Sarah Teather, Director)
JM Cross LTD (James Cross, CEO)
JCWI – Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, (Satbir Singh, Chief Executive)
Just Fair (Jess McQuail, Director)
Justice First Ltd (Barbara Hungin, Chair of Trustees)
JustRight Scotland (Jen Ang, Partner/Director)
Kalayaan (Avril Sharp, Policy Officer)
Kent Refugee Help (Chris Perks, Chair of Trustees)
King’s Community Church Hatfield (Dominic Long, Senior Pastor)
Kiran Support Services (Asfah Kosir, Immigration Advisor)
Latin American Women’s Rights Service (Gisela Valle, Director)
Learn for Life Enterprise (Hayley Nelson, Director)
LEDAS (Tony Pickles, Trustee)
Leeds Area Quaker Meeting (Tracey Martin, Sanctuary Everywhere Coordinator)
Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (Jon Beech, Director)
Leeds Quakers (Charlotte Allen, Member)
Legal Action for Women (Niki Adams, Volunteer)
LegalAliens International Theatre Company (Lara Parmiani, Artistic Director)
Leicester City of Sanctuary (Sherri Wong Hearing, NEST Group Leader)
Lesbian Asylum Support Sheffield (River Wolton, Chair)
Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network (Rosario Guimba-Stewart, CEO)
Liberty (Grey Collier, Advocacy Director)
Lifeline Options CIC (D.H. Forbes, Founder)
Lifeshare (Judith Vickers, Operations Manager)
London Renters Union
Malvern Welcomes (Sharon Baker, Management Team)
Mama Africa Rotherdam (Sithule Mguni, Manager)
Manuel Bravo (Ruth Woodhead, Deputy Chair of Trustees)
Maokwo (Laura Nyahuye, CEO)
Maslow’s Community Shop (Silas Curtis, Project Manager)
Merseyside Law Centre (Siobhan Taylor-Ward, Solicitor)
Methodist Central Hall Manchester (Rev Ian Rutherford, City Centre Minister)
Methodist Church Birmingham (Karen Webber, Reverend)
Methodist Women in Britain (Hilary Jane Evans, President)
Micro Rainbow (Sebastian Rocca, Founder and CEO)
Migrant Women Coventry (Fatmata Turay, Member)
Migrant English Project Brighton (Rob Leech, Volunteer)
Migrant Voice (Nazek Ramadan, Director)
Mission Huddersfield (Paul Bridges, Mission Manager)
MTVH Migration Foundation (Hazel Williams, Chair)
New Neighbours Together in Burnley (Rev Richard Priestley, Trustee)
Newham Anti-Raids
Notre Dame Refugee Centre (Shaku Williams, Director)
OLCOTWISH C.I.C. (Debra Hill, Founder)
One Roof Leicester (Helen Hayes, Trustee)
Open Door North East (Anna Lewis, CEO)
Otley Road & Undercliffe Community Works (Jane Lees, CEO)
Oxford Against Immigration Detention (Bill MacKeith, Treasurer)
Pendle New Neighbours (Howard Thomas, Board Member)
Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (Karen Pearse, Director)
Positive Action in Housing (Robina Qureshi, CEO)
Praxis (Sally Daghlian OBE, CEO)
Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (Sheila Mosley, Steering Group Member)
RAIS (Sophie Guinard, Volunteer) Rochdale Action with Destitute Asylum Seekers and Refugees (Jan Hicks, Secretary) Reach Drop-in Centre for Asylum Seekers (Ernie Whalley, Chair) Reading Refugee Support Group (Nick Harborne, CEO) Refugee Action (Stephen Hale, CEO) Refugee Action Colchester CIC (Philip Horner, Chair of Directors) Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex & London (James Tullett, Chief Executive)
Refugee Council (Maurine Wren, Chief Executive)
Refugee Radio (Gemma Challenger, Resilience Project Worker)
Refugee Rights Europe (Marta Welander, Executive Director)
Refugee Support Devon (Neil Montes de Oca, Casework Coordinator)
Refugee Support Group, South Somerset (Peter Lansdown, Committee)
Refugee Survival Trust (Elaine Cameron, CEO)
Refugee Women Connect (Alison Moore, CEO)
Refugee Youth Service (Jonathan Willis, CEO)
Refugees for Justice (Dylan Fotoohi, Director)
Refugees Welcome Crawley
Restore, Birmingham Churches Together (Jeremy Thompson, Restore Manager)
Right to Remain (Lisa Matthews, Coordinator)
Samphire (Tanya Long, Director)
Sanctuary Hosting (Sarah Wahby, Service Manager)
Sanctuary on Sea, Brighton & Hove City of Sanctuary (Richard Williams, Chair)
Sante Refugee Mental Health Access Project (Edward Milner, Chair)
Scottish Refugee Council (Sabir Zazai, Chief Executive)
Sheffield Conversation Club (Christine Barltrop, Co-Chair)
Shelter (Polly Neate, CEO)
Shelter Scotland (Alison Watson, Director)
Shirley and Dorridge Methodist Chruches (Rev Caroline Hague, Minister)
Shpresa Programme (Alketa Hystuma, Women’s Advocate)
Skipton and Grassington Peace GP (Eileen Rawson, Member)
South London Refugee Association (Celia Sands, Director)
South Yorks Refugee Law & Justice (Hilary Smith, Co-ordinator)
Southall Black Sisters (Janaya Walker, Legal, Policy and Campaigns Officer)
Southampton & Winchester Visitors Group (Chris Stephens, Chair)
Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers (Pauline Nandoo, Director)
St John’s Centre Charity (Christine Aspinall, Manager)
St Monica’s Housing Ltd (Sheelagh Pickles, Trustee)
St. Augustine’s Centre (Becky Hellewell, Head of Support & Immigration)
Staffordshire North & Stoke on Trent Citizens Advice Bureau (Jude Hawes, Manager)
StatusNow4All Network (Dr Rhetta Moran, Chair) Step Up Migrant Women Campaign (Elizabeth Jiménez-Yáñez, Coordinator)
Stories of Hope and Home (Stephanie Neville, Project Manager)
Street Support Network (Vivienne Slack, Director)
Student Action for Refugees (Emily Crowley, Chief Executive)
Sufra NW London (Rajesh Makwana, Director)
Sussex Interpreting Services (Arran Evans, Director)
Swansea Asylum Seekers Support (Marilyn Thomas, Manager of Destitution Project)
Swindon City of Sanctuary (Nicola Wood, Executive Officer) Trefnu Cymunedol Cymru/Together Creating Communities (Kay Polley, Sam Rex-Edwards, Co-Directors) The BaRE UK (Cryton Chikoko, Co-Founder) The Birth Partner Project (Jacky Knowles, Project Manager) The Boaz Trust (Ros Holland, Chief Executive) The Church of the Apostles with St Cuthbert Miles Platting (Eleanor Trimble, Rector) The JAM Network UK CIC (Anna Westin, Director) The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (Dr Edie Friedman, Executive Director)
The Night Shelter (Beth Ash, Coordinator)
The Queen’s Nursing Institute (Samantha Dorney-Smith, Programme Lead)
Thousand 4 1000 (Jacob Berkson)
Ubuntu Women Shelter (Dr Dania Thomas, Chair)
UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group (Leila Zadeh, Executive Director)
Unis Resist Border Controls, URBC (Sanaz Raji, Founder and Organiser)
Voices in Exile (Mel Steel, Director)
Wakefield District City of Sanctuary (Richard Davies, Chair)
Welwyn Hatfield CVS (Carmen Dillon, CEO)
West London Mission (Peter Cornick, Superintendent)
West London Welcome (Joanne MacInnes, Director)
Women for Refugee Women (Natasha Walter, Director)
Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike (Sara Callaway, Member)
Women with Hope (Temitayo Margaret Ajayi, Member)
Young Roots (Jo Cobley, Director)
A. McGeary Carvell Abigail Cooper
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