The Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (known as R2C2) is a new project set up in partnership with the Boaz Trust and Jubilee Plus. Dave Smith (NACCOM’s Membership Capacity Builder and Founder of the Boaz Trust) has been busy pulling together all the resources for it over the last year (as part of his role at the Boaz Trust) and it went live earlier this month.

The website, which can be found here, is designed to resource the Christian community in the UK to better support asylum seekers and refugees. The website has a wide range of resources, including how-to guides on key issues, a library of reports and articles, a diary of events, lists of local projects and a contact page to answer queries.

Through these tools, it aims to encourage:

– understanding about the asylum process
– welcome to new arrivals
– refugee-friendly church services
– lobbying and advocacy activities
– visits to detention centres
– positive messages about refugee issues

Check it out here and please share with any contacts in your own networks. You can also follow R2C2 on Twitter.