We’re delighted to be partnering with The Guardian and Observer on their 2023 charity appeal, which this year shines a spotlight on the hardship and injustice experienced by refugees, people seeking asylum and other migrants in the UK.  

Alongside NACCOM, our members the Refugee Council (also representing the Scottish Refugee Council and Welsh Refugee Council) and Refugees at Home are joint recipients of the appeal, with the charities sharing the funds raised to aid our collective work supporting people in the asylum and immigration system.  

NACCOM will be redistributing the majority of the money we receive to members working on the frontline in cities and communities around the country, providing vital accommodation, support and wide-ranging services to those facing homelessness and destitution as they navigate the UK’s complex and hostile asylum and immigration system.  

The appeal funding will be targeted towards NACCOM’s smaller, grassroots and community-led members, working in areas of high need in the UK.