This August bank holiday, Dave, Lucy and a small team of NACCOM volunteers will be attending Greenbelt Festival, where they will be based in the Greenbelt Marketplace area. If you are going along please do come and say hi!

Why are we going?


Greenbelt Festival, which takes place in Kettering each August Bank Holiday, is a 4 day festival with an emphasis on social action, arts, culture and faith. It attracts people from all over the UK, many of whom are interested in supporting those who are marginalised or disenfranchised. As such, it can be a great place to share stories about destitution and raise awareness of the great work that goes on across the UK to prevent homelessness amongst those seeking sanctuary.

What will we be doing?


Throughout the weekend we will be prompting discussion around the topic; ‘The difference a home makes’, in keeping with the wider Greenbelt ‘theme’ for this year, which is ‘The Common Good’.

Alongside showcasing the Hosting Toolkit, sharing news about our collective impact over the last year, and making origami houses, we will be organising pop-up talks on community responses to destitution and sharing stories of hope in the face of homelessness.

Our intention is that through these varied activities we will play a part in inspiring festival-goers of all backgrounds to support the work of NACCOM members in their communities after the summer is over.