NACCOM has today published an updated series of resources for people and organisations interested in hosting refugees. 

Since the launch of the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme two weeks ago, over 200,000 people have registered their interest to open their homes to refugees from Ukraine seeking urgent safety in the UK. This overwhelming outpouring of public generosity is truly incredible and shows what a welcoming and compassionate nation we can be.  

That hosting can play an important role in providing safety and stability to people escaping war, conflict and persecution is no surprise to those familiar with the NACCOM network. For many years, our members across the UK have been operating hosting schemes that enable people within the asylum and immigration system to move on from homelessness and destitution and rebuild their lives.  

Whilst there was undoubtedly an acute need to implement an emergency pathway for Ukrainians wishing to seek refuge in UK, the hasty roll-out of the scheme has resulted in concerns and confusion around how Homes for Ukraine will work in practice. NACCOM, alongside other leading refugee and anti-exploitation charities, has warned that the scheme in its present form is potentially dangerous for refugees who have fled Ukraine, putting them at risk of trafficking and exploitation

The experience of our members tells us that hosting works best when the right time, support and consideration has been given to facilitating a positive and safe hosting placement. With the proper vetting and matching of hosts and guests, property checks, training to ensure a trauma-informed response and ongoing support within an appropriate community setting, hosting can provide a key pathway to safety for refugees. 

It is also vital for the effective roll-out of Homes for Ukraine – and any future refugee protection scheme that needs to be deployed at pace – that hosting is understood to be a unique and distinct type of accommodation provision that will work best within a structured, holistic refugee resettlement pathway, which must be underpinned by a fair and just asylum system.   

To aid individuals and organisations who are interested in getting involved in hosting – either as hosts, support organisations or in the formal running of a hosting project – NACCOM, in consultation with members, has relaunched its free series of hosting resources.  


➡️  NACCOM’s Hosting Good Practice Guide: Part 1 – Key considerations for prospective hosts.

Who is it for:

  • Anyone considering hosting a refugee or person seeking asylum in their home 
  • Anyone wanting to gain knowledge on hosting ‘good practice’ (particularly voluntary and statutory organisations, churches and faith groups, and other community organisations who may be involved in matching or supporting hosts and/or guests). 

➡️ NACCOM’S Hosting Good Practice Guide: Part 2 – Key Considerations for Hosts and Hosting Organisations.

Who is it for:

  • Anyone hosting a refugee or person seeking asylum in their home
  • Organisations involved in or running a hosting scheme 

➡️ NACCOM’S original Hosting Toolkit (2020) – A comprehensive resource for hosting schemes

Who is it for:

  • Hosting schemes that accommodate destitute people seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants

➡️ Visit NACCOM’s Hosting Resources section for more information, Appendices and templates