As a network of over 50 member organisations, NACCOM is committed to bringing an end to destitution amongst people seeking asylum, refugees and migrants with no recourse to public funds living in the UK.

This year’s annual report highlights key developments towards this vision over the last twelve months and features analysis from our annual survey.

Some of the key findings are shared below:

  • 3,471 people were accommodated across the network in 2017-18.
  • This includes 1,074 people who had been refused asylum, 212 other migrants with NRPF and 1,097 people who had been granted refugee status.
  • Of those who were refused asylum and were known to move on from members’ services in the year, 346 people (69% of those who were known to move on) went on to access statutory support, asylum accommodation or some form of leave to remain.
  • Of the 1,097 refugees accommodated, at least 401 (37%) were not yet in receipt of benefits or employment when they came to members’ services.
  • An estimated 1,641 destitute people had to be turned away by members in the twelve-month period because of a lack of accommodation to offer.
  • An estimated 364,173 nights of accommodation were provided across the twelve-month period.

Further insight shows that:

  • 29 organisations provide properties for residents, including those that offer supported housing for paying tenants (such as refugees in receipt of benefits) and those that offer free housing for people who have no recourse to public funds.
  • 27 organisations coordinate hosting schemes (where people offer a spare room on a temporary basis either through networks of volunteers or as part of a religious order).
  • 9 organisations provide emergency accommodation through night shelters.

To date, there are now 54 Full Members of the network providing accommodation to people who become destitute when they are refused asylum. The majority also provide accommodation for other people in need, including newly recognised refugees and other migrants with NRPF.

The enormous value of our members’ work to prevent homelessness cannot be understated, but nor can the devastating impact of the hostile government policies that require their existence in the first place.

To this end, in the year ahead we look forward to standing in solidarity with all who share our values and continuing to raise a collective voice for an end to destitution.

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