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NACCOM has joined with Liberty Human Rights, expert charities, NGOs and lawyers to launch the Protect Everyone Bill – a new approach to ensuring that everyone, without exception, is supported to safely follow public health guidelines.


When this pandemic hit, we needed a Government response that we could be confident would protect us.

But we got the Coronavirus Act.

Instead of hope and support, the Government has watered down our rights, plunged millions into extended lockdowns with confusing communications and prioritised punishment over support – hitting already marginalised communities hardest.

The Government’s pandemic response both oversteps the mark and under-delivers for those who need support most.

When the Coronavirus Act is up for renewal in the coming weeks, MPs must vote against this harmful approach. This will trigger a three-week window to create its replacement. That work is already done.

The Government has said it wants to ‘build back better’. The Protect Everyone Bill is how we do so.

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