Every year, NACCOM asks its members who offer accommodation provision as part of their services to participate in our Annual Survey.

The information we receive from members helps us to create a body of data detailing the number, needs and experiences of people accommodated through member services who are facing destitution as part of the asylum process.

The NACCOM annual survey is one of the few data sets that begins to map the scale of destitution in the UK. It is also vital to assessing the impact of member’s work and what additional needs there may be across the network.  

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After listening to feedback from members, we will be launching our Annual Survey earlier this year. This will mean that members have more time to fill it out and that we can have the results ready for the Party Conferences in September, which will enable us to use the evidence from the survey to push for policy change with parliamentarians.  

We know that filling in the Annual Survey takes time, and this year we will be making improvements to the survey and how we ask members to engage with it. We would like to thank all our members for the time spent collecting the stories of the people impacted by destitution across the UK – without this information, NACCOM would not be able to do vital campaigning and advocacy work.

Annual Survey timeline 2020: key dates for NACCOM members 

Monday 30th March: 

NACCOM annual survey sent to all members with accommodation projects.  

Friday 8th May:  

Deadline for submitting the survey to NACCOM  

September: Analysed data ready for publication.

If you would like more information on our Annual Survey, please get in touch with Jessie Seal, our Policy and Campaigns Co-Ordinator.