The Guardian and Observer charity appeal 2023 has now closed, with an incredible £1.42 million raised for the three partner charities, NACCOM, the Refugee Council (which is also representing the Scottish and Welsh Refugee Councils), and Refugees at Home.  

The appeal saw over 12,750 Guardian and Observer readers make a donation, sending a strong message of support, solidarity and understanding to people seeking asylum, refugees and migrant communities in the UK, as well as charities that support them.  

The final funding pot will be split between the partner charities, with NACCOM regranting the lion’s share to our frontline members over the coming months, with a focus on smaller, grassroots organisations, those who are led or strongly informed by lived experience, and charities operating in areas of particularly high need.  

The appeal has been an important opportunity to shine a spotlight on the extremely challenging context for people in the UK asylum and immigration system at the current time, through the stories of those impacted by hostile environment policies, as well as highlight the work of charities that support and empower people out of destitution and homelessness. Several of NACCOM’s members featured in the appeal coverage, alongside people they have been supporting.  

In a video message, NACCOM’s Director, Bridget Young, thanked supporters and donors to the appeal, praising their generosity and welcoming the appeal as a vital gesture of solidarity with refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum:

Guardian appeal coverage highlights