What our members say

Some feedback about the benefits of being part of NACCOM:

‘Always there to answer questions or share a worry. Always someone’s success to rejoice over’. Ruth, HOME4U

‘Facilitated getting us started taking in destitute refused asylum seekers. Put us in contact with other organisations and resources’. Matthieu, Hope into Action Black Country

‘It has been a learning space as well as a support system. We always feel invigorated as we are reminded that we are not alone.’ Shingai, Host Nottingham

‘NACCOM has been fantastic – has given the support and information sufficient to get us started. Thank you.’ Phil, Upbeat Derby

‘I have attended two amazing events and this AGM. The Hosting toolkit is fantastic. People are lovely.’ Audrey, St Augustine’s Centre Halifax

‘Inspirational’, Nick, Reading Refugee Support Group

We have gained ideas and support for developing our work by sharing of practice with similar organisations, attendance at conferences and network meetings.” Nottingham Arimathea Trust

“It’s good to network for information, encouragement, inspiration and knowledge and wisdom.” The Boaz Trust

“Useful to network with other hosting scheme staff.” Housing Justice Hosting, part of the London Hosting Network

“Incredibly helpful.” Action Foundation

“NACCOM has been an invaluable source of support, advice and friendship in an often isolating environment.” BEACON

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