This year, NACCOM is carrying out its annual mapping exercise in two parts. In addition to the wider questions about schemes and the numbers of people being supported (due out later this spring) which will feed directly into this year’s annual report, this month we are sending out an initial survey to help us map the costs of, and income sources for, destitution services across the network.

The reason for this change in format is that we are taking part in a piece of research into the costs of destitution being led by a team at the University of Warwick, and our survey provides a great opportunity for them, and us, to gain a real overview of the true costs of this longstanding government policy.

For more information about the research project, including its wider aims and methodology, please click here.

Full Members will receive an email including a link to the survey in the next week. Please note the deadline for the research project is April 24th so we would appreciate responses as quickly as possible.

NB. All information will be treated with sensitivity and we will not publish details about individual organisations. For the purposes of the research report, no single organisation’s details will be identified.

If you have any questions about the research project, please contact Lucy Mayblin.

If you have any questions about NACCOM’s mapping exercise please contact Dave Smith.

If you wish to discuss the survey over the phone please call 0161 7060185. Thank you in advance to all our members!