Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences

NACCOM holds several meetings and conferences each year, in addition to our Annual Conference. These provide key opportunities for members to access resources and support alongside networking opportunities. Usually, events focus on one particular topic, allowing members to showcase good practice and provide a model for replication.

Upcoming events:

Hosting Conferences

This year we are running two hosting conferences, one in London and one in Newcastle, both at the start of July. Full programme to follow (please note, content will be similar at both events). Tickets are now on sale for both events – click on the links below to secure your space.

South (London)
Date: July 4th
Time: 11-5pm
Venue: All Souls Clubhouse, 141 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 6QG

North (Newcastle)
Date: July 6th
Time: 11-5pm
Venue: The CastleGate, Melbourne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2JQ

Draft programme for the day

Please note content will be largely the same at both conferences, but is subject to minor changes and additions.

11.30 Registration & Refreshments, badges, programmes etc.

12.00 Introduction to the Day

12.30 Focus on local projects (London/Newcastle) and focus on nation-wide schemes.

1.00 Lunch

1.45 Update on ‘Right to Rent’ and Hosting schemes

2.00 Two ‘Work Groups’ sessions (35 mins each)

3.10 Break

3.25 Work Group 3

4.00 Discussion about how can NACCOM help develop hosting?

4.45 Launching the Hosting Toolkit

Workgroup choices (Delegates will get to sign up to three work group sessions over the day):

1. Setting up a new Hosting Scheme: what are the basics? How do you get started?

2. Recruiting and Retaining Hosts

3. What makes for a positive placement?

4. What should Host Parameters look like?

5. Training and Support for Hosts.

6. Move-On: the Big Issue.

7. When is Safeguarding truly safe?

8. Confidentiality – how much is needed?

9. How can guests be involved in developing schemes?

Interested? Book your tickets for the South and North here today!

Annual Conference 2017

The next annual conference will also combine our AGM and is confirmed for Friday 15th September in Stoke on Trent. Further information to follow.

The NACCOM Annual Conference aims to support and resource existing organisations across the UK that are tackling destitution through innovative housing options and other services, empower those who want to start a new project and envision and challenge those who are interested in finding out more.

The format is informal and interactive, with keynote speeches, reports and interviews from long-standing and new projects and a choice of informative and inspiring workshops on issues chosen by member groups.

Member organisations can access resources from past conferences via the Members Area Library.

For activities related to our Action Groups please click here.

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