NACCOM Covid-19 Resources – Guidance on prepayment cards for destitution payments

With the onset of the pandemic, and the disruption to normal service provision, many NACCOM members are having to consider alternatives to cash payments to support people who are destitute.

To help member organisations with this, NACCOM has produced an information and advice document, including two offers from prepayment card providers, for those who are interested in using prepayment cards.

Prepayment card offer for member organisations

NACCOM has brokered two prepayment card deals with providers Equals and Yordex. The two offers are for you to consider, and if you decide to go ahead the relationship will between your organisation and the prepayment card provider.

>>> Please review the following information about the offer<<<

Once you have read this through, follow this link to survey monkey where you will be asked to complete a very short questionnaire. Once this is complete, NACCOM’s Operations Co-ordinator will check you have met the criteria and then send you the link to sign up to your chosen prepayment card company.

For more information, please get in touch with Katie Fawcett, our Network Development Worker.

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