NACCOM Covid-19 Advocacy – May update

Since the onset of the pandemic in the UK, alongside other organisations in the sector, NACCOM has been campaigning the Government to introduce some key policy changes in order to protect and support people with insecure migration status, those seeking asylum and refugees experiencing homelessness and destitution during the pandemic. 

You can view our key policy asks in relation to the Coronavirus here.

Our advocacy work continues, particularly with parliamentary work. In the last few weeks, together as a network, we have;

➡️ Submitted a joint submission and single submission to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s Covid-19 inquiry

➡️ Submitted written evidence to the Housing, Communities and Local Government inquiry on Housing, Homelessness and Private Rental Sector

➡️ Presented to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Universal Credit focusing on the experiences of people who are new refugees >>>Presentation notes available here<<<

➡️ Given oral evidence to the Work and Pensions Select Committee, clips below;

NACCOM would like to thank all NACCOM members and other organisations who have inputted into this vital work. Our arguments have been made to MPs across the House and there is a continuing interest in accommodation and support, and the issues in delivering this to the people we support, across the Parliamentary benches. Our focus in the coming weeks and months will be to highlight that, even when lockdown begins to be eased, people will likely still need to practice social distancing for a significant period of time and that those without accommodation are both at risk, and a risk, to wider public health, unless they get the support and accommodation they need.

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