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London Hosting is a project of Housing Justice, run in partnership with Praxis, Spare Room, London Catholic Worker and others, offering accommodation through a network of individuals, community groups and organisations providing spare rooms and temporary homes for men, women and children who have been excluded from public funds. It also works to develop more hosting capacity across London.housing justice logo

Spare Room

Spare Room for Forced Destitute Migrants finds, selects and supports people willing to offer spare rooms to destitute forced migrants in the South of England. We have placed people for anything from a week to several years. By example and by working with other organisations we advocate changes in the treatment of forced migrants.

Praxis Community Projects

Praxis Community Projects works with vulnerable migrants in London – including asylum seekers and refugees – providing support, advice, housing, English classes, interpreting and community events. Praxis is also a member of London Hosting.praxis

Just Homes (East London)

Just Homes aims to provide help for homeless people seeking to rebuild their lives. We do this for two particular groups: unemployed men who can access state benefits (have recourse to public funds), and women and children who do not qualify for state benefits (have no recourse to public funds).

London Catholic Worker House

London Catholic Worker House provides hospitality for destitute refugees and asylum seekers. We have a community meal every evening and other regular activities which are open to all living in the house and the public. We focus our resistance on the “war on terror”, arms trade, British nuclear weapons, and solidarity with migrants and refugees.



Host Oxford

Host Oxford, run by Oxford City of Sanctuary, is a project which matches destitute sanctuary seekers to those people with spare rooms and open hearts in the community who are prepared to allow someone to stay with them rent free for a pre-defined period of time. host oxford


Reading Refugee Support Group     

  • Contact: Nick Harborne
  • Phone: 0118 950 5356
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.rrsg.org.uk


Communities and Sanctuary Seekers Together (CAST)cast logo

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