About us

NACCOM has been a national charity (CIO No: 1162434) since 2015 and has been an informal network of voluntary organisations since 2007. For an insight into our work, including the latest financial information, please see our 2015 Annual Report.

For all media enquiries, please contact Lucy Smith on comms@naccom.org.uk.

Our aim:

NACCOM is committed to bringing an end to destitution amongst asylum seekers, refugees and migrants with no recourse to public funds living in the UK.

Most of our members work primarily with asylum seekers whose asylum claims have been rejected, but for a variety of reasons have not been removed from the UK. Individuals in this position are not entitled to benefits or housing, and cannot work.

Mission Statement:

NACCOM promotes best practice in and supports the establishment of accommodation projects that reduce homelessness amongst asylum seekers and migrants with no recourse to public funds, and refugees facing barriers to accessing affordable housing.

NACCOM is a collective voice, informed by practical experience, to promote a just and humane asylum system.

We do this by:

  • providing networking opportunities for all those who provide accommodation to destitute asylum seekers and migrants with no recourse to public funds.
  • providing opportunities to share knowledge, resources and best practice.
  • working together to highlight the plight of those who are refused asylum.
  • encouraging support for destitute asylum seekers and migrants with no recourse to public funds.
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